Partner With Mocopan

We partner with you to ensure that the quality of coffee that you serve in your café, is reflective of the passion, care & commitment that has gone into the coffee journey.

We live by our philosophy of going beyond the bean. We believe in providing you with a full service coffee offering. We are known for our industry leading equipment, training, servicing & support.

We offer a range of market leading machines and will support you to help ensure that your equipment is delivering at its optimum level. All our technicians are barista-trained and understand the cafe business.

With a talented team of barista trainers, rest assured we’ll help build the knowledge and expertise of your team. 

Flour & Chocolate

Lachlan & Kylie

“Beautiful coffee, amazing training and service. Mocopan supplies it all!”

“We source our green beans ethically and roast only the best.”

Peter Stathos, Master Roaster

With over 30 years in the industry, Peter knows coffee inside-out. In fact, it’s safe to say he’s mastered the art of the perfect blend.

Mocopan coffee is crafted by a team of experts and quality control people to ensure coffee satisfaction again and again. Consistency and repeatability are key.

As one of the largest & most advanced coffee roasters in Australia, Mocopan has built a reputation of delivering the best quality coffee that Australians have come to love & expect.

Our Blends

We’re proud to offer a diverse range of blends to suit the needs to your customers. Our team of passionate coffee people can help you select the right blend.





Espresso, Milk-based


India, Brazil, PNG





Filter/Plunger, Espresso, Milk-based


Brazil, India, PNG





Espresso, Milk-based


India, Colombia, PNG


Aileen Ferella, Sustainability Manager

At Mocopan, we’ve made a commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability, being one of the largest buyers of responsibly sourced beans in Australia.

“We believe every cup of coffee should be special.”

Claire Wain, National Barista Training Manager

At Mocopan, we recognise the importance of consistency in each and every cup of coffee you serve to your customers.

Quality coffee and cutting edge machinery make up only part of that consistently beautiful cup of coffee. A crucial element of the mix is your barista – their ability to set up, monitor and maintain your espresso recipe; texture wonderfully smooth milk; and present each cup with quality pour. We’re committed to offering a customised training program to help build the skills of your baristas.

Our team of friendly, experienced trainers are passionate about ensuring your baristas and the coffees you serve are of the highest standard. We make it our job to help you enrich your customers’ experience.

“Reliability and expertise you can count on.”

Matthew Galea, Espresso Mechanics Business Development Manager

When it comes to making the perfect cup of espresso, it’s about more than just the beans. The equipment you use can make a huge difference to the end result.

Delivering a superior cup requires superior equipment.

We are proud to recommend, supply and service a comprehensive range from market leading brands Nuova Simonelli, Victoria Arduino & Rex Royal through Espresso Mechanics who are the leaders nationally in coffee equipment and servicing. From traditional to automatic machines, from grinders to brewers, we’ve got the equipment solution you are looking for.

Explore more on and see why they are Australia’s leading Coffee Equipment Supplier and Service Provider.

our people

Our team of enthusiastic coffee experts partner with you to deliver outstanding coffee to your customers.

With experienced roasters, Q graders, and barista trainers, sales and service people, we are an innovative team who are constantly evolving on all things coffee.

We have been perfecting our craft since our founders first started roasting green beans in a Melbourne shed.

Over sixty five years later, the shed may be larger but the devotion of freshly crafted coffee has only grown.


Mocopan has been an integral part of Australia’s coffee history since 1954.

We’re a team of passionate coffee experts and we take pride in providing consistently high quality coffee to our partners.  Our beautiful blends are widely distributed to cafes, restaurants, espresso bars and coffee loving individuals.

Our accumulated knowledge of one of the worlds fastest growing industries is vast; from the coffee farm to cup and everything in between. At Mocopan, we are always learning and developing to ensure our partners receive the best possible coffee experience.

Barista training and quality espresso machines are also a key part of our offering to help ensure customers can experience all the delights that Mocopan Coffee has to offer.