Hot Chocolate Powder 40% Cocoa (Vegan) 1kg


Flying Cup is devoted to full-flavoured, can’t-put-down beverages. Just kick back and create café-style brilliance with our deliciously rich and smooth flavoured drink mixes.

  • Dark, full-bodied
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 40% Cocoa Powder
  • Made in Australia

How to make a dark, full-bodied, hot Chocolate: Depending on the desired strength and richness of your drink, put about 4 teaspoons of Flying Cup 40% Cocoa Hot Chocolate Drink Mix into a cup and add a dash of hot water; give it a quick stir to dissolve. Heat or steam ¾ Cup of milk (dairy or plant-based) and pour into the cup. Stir together to combine. Dust lightly with powdered hot chocolate. Serve with a couple of marshmallows for added indulgence!

The options are endless, experiment with hot and cold drinks – you’re welcome.

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