Flying Cup

Explore our range of flavoured syrups and drink mixes.

Flying Cup is devoted to full-flavoured, can't-put-down beverages. Just kick back and create café-style brilliance with our delicious syrups and flavoured drink mixes. The options are endless, experiment with hot and cold drinks – you’re welcome.

Caramel 750ml

Vanilla 750ml

Hazelnut 750ml

Butterscotch 750ml

Irish Cream 750ml

White Chocolate 750ml

Golden Turmeric Syrup 750ml

Rocky Road 750ml

Gingerbread 750ml

Universal Syrup Pump

Chai Latte Powder 1kg

Drinking Chocolate Powder (Gluten-free) 1kg

Hot Chocolate Powder 40% Cocoa (Vegan) 1kg